Loss Mitigation Services

Nations Default Services is proud to be a 20-year force in providing professional loss mitigation services related to defaulted loans. NDS works with servicers to professionally transition a delinquent loan into a performing asset in every possible case.

NDS takes a proactive approach to managing defaulted loans by implementing strategies for each borrower on a case-by-case basis. When assessing individual borrower’s circumstances, NDS is able to recommend & implement workout options customized to meet lender & borrower needs.

  • Interact with borrowers or their counsel to obtain status ongoing.
  • Aid in collection of borrower financial and hardship information
  • Centralized deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure preparation
  • Prepare payoff and reinstatement letters, loan modification agreements, forbearance plans and “cash for keys” agreements Facilitate and manage receipt of payoff and reinstatement funds
  • Facilitate and manage loan modification agreements and forbearance plans
  • Offer recording services for loan modifications
  • Provide current title reports